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“America and England are two countries divided by a common language.”

George Bernard Shaw

Below are some of the most common words that are different between British English and American English:


American English
aisle gangway
antenna aerial (radio/TV)
apartment flat
argument row
baby carriage pram (perambulator)
band-aid plaster
bathroom loo
bathrobe dressing gown
bill bank note
break recess
briefs (male underwear) pants
broil grill
cab taxi
call (phone) ring up (phone)
can tin
candy sweets
candy store sweet shop/confectioner
caravan convoy
carnival fair
chopped liver minced liver
check (restaurant) bill (restaurant)
checking account current account
checkers draughts
check room cloakroom
closet cupboard
closet wardrobe
cookie biscuit (sweet)
corn maize
corn starch corn flour
crazy mad
diaper nappy
(do the) dishes wash up
downtown centre
drapes curtains
druggist/pharmacist chemist
drugstore/pharmacy chemist’s shop
eggplant aubergine
electric cord cable/wire
elevator lift
eraser rubber
faculty staff
fall autumn
faucet tap
fender bumper
first floor ground floor
flashlight torch
freeway/highway motorway
French fries chips
freshman (at university) 1st year undergraduate
garbage/trash rubbish
garbage can/trash can dustbin
gas petrol
gas station petrol station/filling station
guy bloke
hardware store ironmonger
highway mainroad
hood (car) bonnet
incorporated limited
intersection crossroads
janitor caretaker
jello jelly
jelly jam
kerosene paraffin
lawyer/attorney solicitor
lease/rent let
legal holiday bank holiday
license plate number plate
line queue
liquor spirits
mad angry
mail post
mail box/mail drop pillar box
mailman postman
make reservation book
mall shopping centre
motor engine
movie film
movie theater cinema
muffler silencer
napkin serviette
nothing nought
one way ticket single ticket
overpass flyover
pacifier dummy
package parcel
panties knickers
pantyhose tights
pants trousers
parking lot car park
period full stop
pharmacist chemist
pitcher jug
potato chips crisps
president (business) chairman
principal headmaster/headmistress
private school public school/private school
public school state school
railroad railway
raisin sultana
rent hire
restroom toilet
round trip ticket return ticket
rubber contraceptive
sales clerk shop assistant
sausage banger
schedule time-table
scotch tape sellotape
second floor first floor
sedan saloon car
semester term
shoestring bootlace/shoelace
sidewalk pavement/footpath
sneakers trainers
soccer football
sophomore 2nd year undergraduate
stand in line/line up queue
station wagon estate car
store shop
stroller pushchair
subway underground
sunglasses shades
sweater jumper/pullover
tag label
tank top vest
transmission gearbox
trash can bin
truck lorry
trunk boot
two weeks fortnight
undershirt vest
vacation holiday
vacuum (cleaner) hoover
vest waistcoat
18-wheeler juggernaut
windshield windscreen
wire telegram
wrench spanner
yard garden
ZIP code postal code


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