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How Good is a TEFL Course with Guaranteed Job?

Posted by Claudio on February 20, 2015 in Teaching in Thailand |

There is much competition amongst TEFL course providers. To attract participants, many of the courses are held in stunning settings. Courses on the islands in the South of Thailand or in the beautiful North are in high demand. With good reason. These are also top tourist destinations and will make your time off from the course seem like a vacation – even while doing some required homework.

Sunset in Thailand

Another differentiator training centers offer increasingly is a TEFL course with guaranteed job placement after the course. This is particularly attractive to many participants just arriving in Thailand or planning to only stay for a limited time. It removes uncertainty and the challenges of doing a job search in a foreign country.

TEFL Course with Guaranteed Job Placement… Are They Any Good?

The short answer is: that depends. Although I don’t claim to know all of the TEFL courses with guaranteed jobs, I do know a fair share of them. Some of them prepare teachers very well for their upcoming role, but might have contracts with schools that are a nightmare to work in. Others might place you in great schools, but their course may just be a front to funnel teachers to those schools without preparing them well.

One TEFL course with guaranteed job placement I know well and recommend is GoTEFL Thailand.

TEFL Course with Guaranteed Job through GoTEFL

My Top 7 Reasons to Recommend Go TEFL Thailand?

  1. Participants get professional assistance from the airport arrival, throughout the training and first teaching job in Thailand. Each participant is assigned an experienced mentor. This mentor takes care of details like work-permit paperwork, so you can focus on your training and subsequent teaching.
  2. Teachers who were trained by GoTEFL all seem very well prepared to teach English in Thailand. They know how to prepare fun lessons and deliver them to classes of all sizes in a way that engages students.
  3. GoTEFL’s training course is the TEFL International Certification, a 120-hour course, with bona-fide accreditation from the TESOL program at Fort Hays University in the US.  This course is offered in more than 20 countries and hold you in good stead to apply for the best TEFL/TESOL jobs anywhere, not just in Thailand.
  4. The 4-week training program is held in Chiang Mai, one of the most beautiful regions in Thailand. Located in the North of Thailand, this city has lots of history and the surroundings can only be described as stunning.
  5. The job placements are at well managed schools in the provinces away from the tourist crowds. You will get to live in the “real” Thailand, making experiences and gaining insight into the wonderful culture of the country that tourists never make.
  6. A contract that lasts for two full terms, each lasting four months. You will get two months off in March and April, and six weeks in September/October to explore other parts of Thailand or even neighboring countries.
  7. A salary of about $1,000 will allow you to live quite well and even save some of your income. Cost of living in the rural areas of Thailand is significantly lower than in popular tourist destinations or the capital city of Bangkok. In addition to your regular salary, there are always opportunities to make some extra money with private lessons in after hours.

To me, the way GoTEFL Thailand has setup their program is a model for any TEFL Course with Guaranteed Job Placement: a high degree of personal attention, a solid training program, followed by a teaching job that will be fun, exciting, and will let you experience the “real” Thailand in all its beauty and charm.

Does everybody qualify for this TEFL Course with Guaranteed Job Placement

No. Unlike a regular TEFL course (without job placement), you are not just signing up for a course, but you are actually applying for a job. A job that will provide you a solid training before you begin your assignment. There are therefore some requirements you must meet:

  • Over 21 years old
  • Graduated university
  • Native English speaking

In addition, you will need to be able to arrive in Thailand in April or October and commit to an 8 month contract (or, in some circumstances, a minimum of 4 months).

What should you do if you are interested?

Head over to the website of GoTEFL Thailand and let them know that you are interested by requesting their Info Pack.



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